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AFGHANISTAN Northern Alliance
A close look to Taleban opponents
(4 pages)

Rocket Launcher at Work
Have a look at one of the deadliest weapon operating in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN On the Frontline
Three days on the frontline in Northern Afghanistan

Taleban Prisoner of War

Daily Life in Northern Afghanistan
(2 pages)

Commander A. S. Massud
Interview with Commander Massud

SIERRA LEONE, Tales of Horror
ictims of a terror campaign running along the cutting edge of rebels' deadly machetes...
(2 pages)

In Sierra Leone, civilian population has been deliberately targeted according to well-defined routines. Beside being spoiled of their belongings, seeing their country homes torched, their sons abducted and their daughters slained or gang-raped, beside all this, people in Sierra Leone, and mostly so in the countryside where less effective was toomed to prove ECOMOG armed intervention, have been victims of a coldly studied and cold-bloodily performed terror campaign running along the cutting edge of rebels' deadly machetes... MORE
SIERRA LEONE, Children at War
In recent months months, more and more combatant children have been released by the rebels...
(3 pages)

Sierra Leone, An Overlook
Have a look at this wonderful and yet unfortunate country...
(3 pages)
Sierra Leone Diamonds: True Heart of The Matter and main cause for much of the violence suffered by Sierra Leoneans
(2 pages)
SLA, Sierra Leone Army
Freshly recruited, British-trained and equipped, a new Army tries to cope with a nightmere
(3 pages)
LEBANON, Israel Pulls Out!
Take a tour in South Lebanon just a few hours after a long-overdue pullout
(3 pages)

Eritrea-Ethiopia, The Forgotten War
Tour the frontlines long before the spreading of year 2000's all-over conflict
A tribute to Sarajevans, who endured the longest siege of mankind's modern history
(4 pages)

The Plight of The Afghan Women
Afghan Women have been suffering the worst that a human being can endure after years of civil wars and, now, the hard-ruling Taleban
(3 pages)

CHECHNYA, Who Cares about civilians?
Civilian-focused report fom Chechnya and Ingushetia
(2 pages)
ERITREA, New Life for an Old Railroad
A few people are working hard to revive what was the pride of a whole nation and an engineering masterpiece as well

Remembering Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin, journalists, assassinated in Mogadishu on March 19, 1994
The Mysterious Death of Ilaria Alpi
Extensive report courtesy of Michael Maren

RWANDA Gorillas in the War
Volcanoes National Park, spread over a deadly crossroad between Rwanda Uganda and Congo, shelters a few dozen of these valuable mammals

A collection of night scenescapes from all over the world

ERITREA Women at war
Women have been fighting for a long time alongside heir men, mostly during liberation war...

IRAN New and Blossoming
A tentative portrait, from Tehran Internet Cafes to teenager supporters of President M. Khatami
(8 pages)

during "Restore Hope" UN intervention 1992-1995
(2 pages)

HEZBOLLAH, the Sons of God
An in-depth look at the lebanese militia

RWANDA, Gitagata children prison
hosting children accused of participating in 1994 genocide

TALEBAN, Who Are They ?
A close look at new Afghan rulers

TRIBUTE to fallen colleagues
Dan Eldon, Hansi Krauss, Anthony Macharia, Hosea D. Maina

Crossing the albanian border with Kosovar volunteer to join KLA inside Kosovo

SAHARAWI, Struggle for a Homeland
Long after their territory has been occupied by Moroccans, Saharawis are still waiting for the Un...
(2 pages)

Visual report from the most mined country in the world

AFGHANISTAN, Instant Portraits
Special portraits from common Afghans

RWANDA, Street Children
Thousands of orphans crowd Kigali's streets after losing their parents in 1994 genocide

SOMALIA, Pasta Factory Checkpoint
First ever clash for Italian Military after WW II

BOSNIA - Mostar, rebuilding Stari Most
Restoring an historical and cultural landmarks

DARAH, How much this Kalashnikov ?
Tour this open-sky firearms market

Famine in SOMALIA
What caused the US-led UN-sponsored coalition intervene in the nightmere Somalia was in 1992

AFGHANISTAN, Daily Life In Kabul
Tour the bazaar or sip a tea with a carpet seller in Chicken street
(2 pages)

SARAJEVO, Living in a Garbage Dump

Body Building Clubs in KABUL
Before the Taleban took over, fitness fans in Kabul used to gather in different clubs...

RWANDA, What Genocide?
Visual souvenirs of the carnage happened in mid 1994

Daily Life in MOGADISHU
What life was in Mogadishu during Operation Restore Hope
(2 pages)

RWANDA, Mothers and Children

Italian Army in SOMALIA
First-ever mass deployment for Italian Army after WW II
(2 pages)

KOSOVO, Exodus
Pictures from the early 1999 exodus of Kosovars, while NATO intervention against Serbia was taking place

KOSOVO, Living Under Siege
In summer 1998, the village of Unik was the last stronghold left for Kosovo Liberation Army, until it was stormed in early August, 1998

ERITREA, Portrait of a Former Colony
(2 pages)
AFGHAN Children
(2 pages)

Judge Luise Arbour
Hague Court Special Prosecutor, Hague Court for War Crimes
The Woman who inducted S. Milosevic

Officer Nicola Sgherzi
Local Hero in SARAJEVO
One single italian military is still very well loved and remembered in Sarajevo

KOSOVO, Operation Angel
In Summer 1998 a group of women with wounded / ill children tries to flee from Kosovo through the Albanian border. Two journalists plus Yours Truly are with them...

KOSOVO: UCPMB, The Fight is Not Over
Visit Albanian independentis fighters in Presevo Valley, including training activity.
Also in VIDEO !!!

Hague Court for War Crimes in Ex-Jugoslavia has found Bosnian Serb Gen. Krstic guilty of genocide for the massacre in Srebrenica, August 12-19, 1995

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